GeoZilla - Family Locator

GeoZilla - Family Locator 2.7

- Battery-friendly smart algorithm of location tracking

GeoZilla is a battery-friendly GPS tracker that allows you to know the exact position of your family and friends

GeoZilla is a battery-friendly GPS tracker that allows you to know the exact position of your family and friends and receive notifications when they arrive at certain areas.

GeoZilla provides:

- A smart location tracking algorithm to save you battery time.

- Location alerts (geofencing) to let you know when a friend or family member leaves or arrives at home, school or work.

- User-friendly location history to keep you informed of each other's day.

- A private chat to share images and video and keep you emotionally connected with one another.

- Location updates from Swarm and Facebook to keep you informed of each other’s social whereabouts.

“I use the app to get notified when my kids leave school to know when to get the dinner warmed up for their arrival. Super handy!” -Kate

**Smart Location History**

- Access location history of any member of your circle on a daily basis.

- Force your device to refresh the location manually, or simply wait for an update as your friend or family member moves around.

- Store your locations when the network is beyond reach and push them to GeoZilla’s server when you're back online.

- Send a notification request for a location update if the other person goes offline. They will receive the notification when back online to ping you back.

- Leave Check-ins and comments to let your family and friends know you are safe and what you are up to.

**Battery-friendly GPS tracking**

- GeoZilla is NOT continuously updating your location in the background. It uses a Significant Location Change (SCL) mode. Geozilla is suspended in the background most of the time and is woken up only when you move significantly.

- In the SLC mode, the location is detected by the system using cell tower signals. Most of the time the GPS sleeps to extend your battery life.

- The location is force-updated by tapping the refresh button in the app. The platform will silently ask your friend's device for a location update.

**Location-Based Errands**

- Assign location-based tasks to your family members or yourself.

- Manage your shopping list together.

- Get a reminder when you approach the area.

Finally, we let you know if your family member’s battery is running low.

GeoZilla - Family Locator


GeoZilla - Family Locator 2.7